The Portuguese Canadian National Congress has hosted a number of projects since it's inception in 1993. Browse our past projects below.


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Educators Network

Portuguese-Canadian Educators Network, a group of individuals across Canada concerned about education-related challenges faced by Canadians of Portuguese descent.   The mission of the network is to provide support to Portuguese-Canadian communities across Canada in addressing education-related community concerns.  The ultimate goal of the network will be to improve academic and educational success of community members.  Sign up to be a part of the Educators Network.


Project Força promotes a deeper understanding of Canada’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage through a comprehensive, user-friendly website that will profile the history, presence and contributions of Portuguese-Canadians and Luso-descendants in Canadian society, and serve as a resource for youth, learners and the community at large. Check out www.forç


This list has been created as a way to inform the national community about the activities of the Portuguese-Canadian National Congress, and as a vehicle for those who are interested in discussing important community issues.

Meeting for Action

Parents for Students Success

Parents for Student Success aims to increase the capacity of Portuguese-Canadian parents to become more involved in their children’s education in the communities of Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo and to take action on the social and cultural factors that contribute to the educational challenges of community youth by:

• Raising community awareness of the importance of parental involvement in children’s education.

• Increasing knowledge of parental best practices to achieve student success among parents.

• Increasing knowledge of the education system, parental rights, and of opportunities for involvement at the local level among community parents.

• Raising awareness

Thinking Civically

Undocumented Workers

Undocumented Support Network Project - an initiative funded by the Metcalf Foundation to increase the capacity of community agencies and allies to address the immediate needs of and policy frameworks impacting undocumented immigrants. 

Read the final report available here to download:

Viva Health

Viva! Health Project, a 3 year project (ending December 2008) funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada to increase the capacity of Portuguese communities across Canada to take action on the social and economic factors that adversely affect their health and increase their risk of chronic disease.

Final Report coming soon.

Research on Academic Achievement and Civic Participation - ongoing

Partnership with researchers from York University, the University of Ottawa and Mount Saint Vincent University on a national project examining the barriers and support mechanisms to the education of Luso-Canadian youth, as well as an Ontario Project, examining the civic participation of Portuguese youth.

PCNC Strategic Plan - 2009

The Ontario Trillium Foundation provided PCNC with a one year grant to enable the Congress to undertake a strategic and sustainability planning process to clarify and reinforce its mandate among stakeholders, as well as set its strategic directions for the next five years of operation.

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