Civic Engagement


Portuguese Canadians from Sea to Sea

This 3 year study surveyed Portuguese-Canadians across Canada for their opinions regarding the major issues which are affecting their communities and the resolution of these problems. The study also gathered information on demographics, education, income integration and access to social services. Some of the key issues which were identified included: Disproportionately low levels of formal education; high academic underachievement; lack of integration and political  representation; and the lack of support for the Portuguese language. The priorities for community action included: Promoting education; educating and mobilizing the community, especially in promoting the benefits of post-secondary  education; providing leadership; unifying the community; and promoting the Portuguese culture and language.

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Undocumented Support Network Project - an initiative funded by the Metcalf Foundation to increase the capacity of community agencies and allies to address the immediate needs of and policy frameworks impacting undocumented immigrants. 

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